Learn FileMaker Pro 16

The Comprehensive Guide to Building Custom Databases

By Mark Conway Munro

Written by a long-time FileMaker developer, this book contains material for developers of every skill level. It includes everything a beginner needs to get started building FileMaker databases and contains advanced material that seasoned professionals will appreciate.

FileMaker Pro 16 is a powerful database development application used by millions of people in diverse industries to empower users, simplify data management tasks, leverage business information and automate mundane tasks. A custom solution built with FileMaker can quickly tap into a powerful set of capabilities and technologies to offer users an intuitive and friendly environment in which to achieve new levels of efficiency and professionalism. Professional developers can extend the built-in functionality and totally customize the environment with custom functions and menus to super-charge the results and create a truly unique and focused experience.

The material in the book is organized into the following six parts, logically arranged in a hierarchy so that each chapter builds on the previous:

  • Part 1 — Using FileMaker
  • Part 2 — Defining Data Structures
  • Part 3 — Writing Formulas and Using Functions
  • Part 4 — Designing Interfaces
  • Part 5 — Automating Tasks with Scripts
  • Part 6 — Sharing and Networking

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What You’ll Learn

Over nine-hundred pages of material is divided in forty-two chapters packed full of information covering almost every aspect of developing databases with the FileMaker Pro application, including:

  • Explore the FileMaker application from a user perspective
  • Create database files, tables, fields and relationships
  • Write calculations using built-in functions and create your own custom functions
  • Create SQL queries to build fast and efficient formulas
  • Design user interfaces with an array of powerful objects
  • Unify layout formatting using themes and styles
  • Customize the menu bar to create a unique application tailored for users
  • Automate tasks with scripts
  • Extend the available functions and script steps with plug-ins
  • Unlock the power of security access functionality
  • Provide simultaneous access to teams by sharing databases across a network
  • Analyze a database structure to ensure a solid design
  • Includes a complete reference guide for built in functions
  • Covers new features of version 16 such as JSON functions, Cards, Layout Object window, SortValues, UniqueValues, using variables in Data Sources and more!

Chapter previews are available on Appress, iBooks and Amazon.

Readers are Raving

The reaction from early readers has been overwhelmingly positive. Learn FileMaker Pro 16 has been called a “very comprehensive” and “superb reference for all levels of FileMaker users.” Some think it “worth every penny” and hint that it might be “actually worth more than the asking price.” The writing style and content quality has been called “some of the best I’ve seen in this kind of publication” and “absolutely top notch.”

An Amazon reviewer wrote “If you need a book that provides a clear, cogent and coherent discussion on database development in the Filemaker environment, this is the book to buy.”

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FileMaker Pro is a relational data management system published by Apple subsidiary FileMaker Inc. Since its origin, the product has expanded into a full family of applications and has evolved to keep pace with powerful technological standards. The current incarnation is a powerful, feature-rich and easy-to-use integrated development tool, available in fifteen different languages. FileMaker databases can be shared across a network allowing teams using macOS, iOS, Windows or the web to work together.

FileMaker is popular with millions of developers and users, including independent consultants, employees of small businesses and members of teams working at medium to large businesses, non-profits and government agencies. Beginners are empowered by the ease of use and approachable interface. Professionals are won over by its rapid development capabilities for prototyping and the ability to build powerful user-friendly solutions. Business owners who don’t have time to learn to program can easily find a professional consultant to develop a system tailored to meet their individual needs.

The FileMaker desktop application is available in two versions (click for more information):

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Hire the Author

Mark is the president and founder of Write Track Media, Inc., a computer consultancy that designs and develops custom database and workflow automation systems for a wide range of industries. The company can provide professional collaborative assistance with a project or fully develop custom databases and workflow automation solutions.

For more information, visit the Write Track Media website.

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