Happy New Year!

I hope you had a relaxing holiday and a Happy New Year. If you are ready to learn or improve your knowledge of FileMaker Pro in 2018, please consider purchasing Learn FileMaker Pro 16.

Released in September 2017, this 917 page volume contains everything you need to know to get up and running with FileMaker or to expand your knowledge into complex features such as ExecuteSQL, JSON manipulation, custom menus and more. The book even contains a complete reference guide to every built-in calculation function. See the complete table of contents to see how the material covered in the book is organized.

The reaction from early readers has been overwhelmingly positive. Learn FileMaker Pro 16 has been called a “very comprehensive” and “superb reference for all levels of FileMaker users.” Some think it “worth every penny” and hint that it might be “actually worth more than the asking price.” The writing style and content quality has been called “some of the best I’ve seen in this kind of publication” and “absolutely top notch.” An Amazon reviewer wrote “If you need a book that provides a clear, cogent and coherent discussion on database development in the Filemaker environment, this is the book to buy.” Visit the feedback page to read more comments from readers.

Make this the year you Learn FileMaker Pro 16!