FileMaker Pro 17 Released

FileMaker releases version 17.0.

May 15, 2018 — Today, FileMaker released version 17 of it’s database application development product line.

The new version of the desktop application contain the following changes:

Merging FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced

  • FileMaker Pro Advanced replaces FileMaker Pro as the only desktop application for developing custom applications.

Improvements for Opening & Creating Tables

  • Some redesign of the File menu options and a newly designed My Apps window streamlines the process of creating new databases (blank, conversions or from starter solutions) and accessing recent and saved databases.
  • The Hosts window, now separate from the My Apps window, also has received a new design.
  • When creating a new table, a set of pre-defined standard template fields are automatically created; PrimaryKey, CreationTimestamp, CreatedBy, ModificationTimestamp, ModifiedBy. The list of fields comes form an XML file which can be deleted to eliminate this feature.
  • A new Add-on Tables feature streamlines the process of creating tables and interface elements for related material. When creating a portal on a layout, the new Add-on Table option allows you to choose from one of eleven pre-defined tables — Action Items, Addresses, Attachments, Companies, Email Addresses, General Info, Inventory Transactions, Notes, People, Phone Numbers and Topics — which will automatically create a related table with predefined fields, relationship to the current table and a pre-configured portal displaying related records.

Improvements for Creating Layouts

  • Three key layout design palettes are now integrated into the window when in Layout mode. On the Left side of the window you can choose between the Fields and Layout Objects palettes. On the Right, is the Inspector palette. The visibility of these can be toggled using buttons in the toolbar and options in the View menu. You can still create additional copies of the Inspector palette as separate floating windows.
  • The new option when defining a portal is to display records from the Current Table. This automatically displays the found set of records in the portal and makes possible the creation of integrated master-detail layouts and avoids the requirement of navigating back and forth between a list and detail view.
  • It is now easier to select and manipulate grouped objects without ungrouping them.
  • A new Universal Touch theme combines several style sets into a single theme making it possible to create more varied layouts designs.

Improvements to Usability

  • Custom menu sets, menus and menu items can now be copied and pasted into other database files.
  • When disconnected form a network server, you can continue working in local files while the host connection is being restored.

Improvements to Security

  • FileMaker now limits the number of login attempts a user can make with failed credentials by locking them out for several minutes once they exceed the threshold.

New Script Steps

  • Configure Local Notification allows control over local notifications on an iOS device.
  • Open Hosts allows a script to open the Hosts dialog.
  • Open My Apps allows scripts to open the My Apps window.

Modified Script Steps

  • FileMaker Data API now supports most script steps that were supported by Custom Web Publishing.
  • Many script steps that access directories can now create directories programmatically, including: Export Field Contents, Export Records, Save Records As [Excel, PDF, Snapshot Link] and Save a Copy. The feature even supports the creation of a nested hierarchy of folders down a path where missing (rather than just a single folder).
  • The Insert from URL step can be configured to store data returned in a variable to be stored as container data.
  • Open Launch Center step is renamed Open My Apps.
  • Open Remote step is renamed Open Hosts.
  • Perform Script and Perform Script on Server now allow specifying a script by name in a calculation.
  • The Send Mail script step, you can now include multiple email attachments.
  • The Show Custom Dialog has a new option to allow input fields to use variables.

New Functions

  • Get ( ActiveRecordNumber ) will return a number representing the record with focus in the found set. This works in portals too.
  • Get ( UUIDNumber ) will return a number representing a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID).
  • GetSensor will return a value of an iOS device sensor such as batteryLevel, batteryStatus, location, locationValues, attitude, rotationRate, accelerationByUser, accelerationByGravity, values, speed, heading, magneticField, compassMagneticHeading, compassTrueHeading, stepCount, stepDistance, stepFloorsUp, stepFloorsDown, airPressure or a list of available sensors.

Features Changed or Removed

  • The Collect addresses across found set option is no longer available when the multiple emails option is selected.
  • Support for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) has been removed.
  • Support for some obsolete image formats has bene removed including: JPEG 2000, MacPaint, Photoshop, SGI and TGA.

For more information, visit FileMaker’s website:


FileMaker Pro is a relational data management system published by Apple subsidiary FileMaker Inc. Since its origin, the product has expanded into a full family of applications and has evolved to keep pace with powerful technological standards. The current incarnation is a powerful, feature-rich and easy-to-use integrated development tool, available in fifteen different languages. FileMaker databases can be shared across a network allowing teams using macOS, iOS, Windows or the web to work together.

FileMaker is popular with millions of developers and users, including independent consultants, employees of small businesses and members of teams working at medium to large businesses, non-profits and government agencies. Beginners are empowered by the ease of use and approachable interface. Professionals are won over by its rapid development capabilities for prototyping and the ability to build powerful user-friendly solutions. Business owners who don’t have time to learn to program can easily find a professional consultant to develop a system tailored to meet their individual needs.

For more information about the FileMaker Pro product line, visit Filemaker’s site.