Where are the Footer Bar Functions?

FileMaker Pro 16 removes some buttons that leave many users wondering how to access these classic functions.

One notable change in FileMaker 16 is the removal of the classic footer bar button icons. These buttons have been present on the bottom left of every window since at least version 2.1 of the software.

These buttons have been removed along with space that was dedicated to a scroll bar even when no scrolling was possible. The change is a welcome one, giving windows a cleaner look and perhaps making possible other features such as displaying a layout as a card.

So, now we are forced to access most of these commands through the view menu, as shown here:

  1. Zoom Amount — This button displayed the current zoom amount and was used to toggle between the current zoom and the actual size (100%). The View > Actual Size menu can be used to quickly zoom back to 100%. However, there is no indicator available to determine the current zoom amount.
  2. Zoom Out — The minus sign button was used to zoom a window out, making the amount of zoom smaller. This feature is now only available at the bottom of the View menu.
  3. Zoom In — The plus sign button was used to zoom a window in, making the amount of zoom larger. This feature is now only available at the bottom of the View menu.
  4. Toggle Toolbar — This button was used to toggle the visibility of the status toolbar and is now only available by using the the View > Status Toolbar. menu item or by typing “S” while holding down the Command and Option keys (macOS).
  5. Toggle Layout Part Labels — This button was only visible when in Layout mode and was used to toggle the layout part labels from horizontal to vertical. When displayed horizontally, they make part resizing much easier; grab and drag on the label rather than the fine line that divides the parts. The ability to toggle the labels is no longer available as a button and is still not in the menu. However, it can be performed by holding down the Command key (macOS) while clicking on a layout part label.
  6. View Mode — This menu was used to select a different mode for the current window, with a choice of Browse, Find, Layout and Preview. These modes are now only accessible through a corresponding View menu item or equivalent key command.