Free Function: JSONMerge

A recursive custom function that will merge two JSON objects into one.

JSON functions were introduced in FileMaker 16 as a subset of Text Functions. These functions create and manipulate JSON objects, which contain multiple pieces of data stored in a structured text format sometimes referred to as an array or record.

About the JSONMerge function

The JSONMerge function will combine two JSON objects into a single, unified object. Each key-value pair in the second parameter (json2) will be set in the first (json1) with duplicate keys’ values replaced.

set json1 to { "SayHello" : "Hello, World" }
set json2 to { "SayCheers" : "Cheers, World" }
JSONMerge ( json1 ; json2 )
// Result = { "SayHello" : "Hello, World" , "SayCheers" : "Cheers, World" }

Download the Free Demo

The free downloadable Learn FileMaker JSONMerge file contains a working demo of the function and the ability to copy it into your database.

Download the free demo today and add the JSONMerge function to your database.


FileMaker Pro 16 is required to view the demo.