Chapter 3: Exploring a Database Window

Chapter 3 continues to explore the user interface; using a FileMaker starter solution to explore the basic anatomy of a database window, explains how to use windows and how to open an existing database file.

The material in this chapter is organized into the following sections:

  • Using a Starter Solution
    • Listing FileMaker’s Starter Solutions
    • Creating a Database from a Starter Solution
  • Defining the Database Window
    • Identifying Window Areas
    • Defining Window Modes
    • Defining Content Views
  • Exploring the Window Header
    • Status Toolbar (Browse Mode)
    • Formatting Bar
    • Window Ruler
  • Managing Multiple Windows
    • Creating a New Window
    • Closing a Window
    • Selecting a Window from the Menu
    • Hiding & Showing Windows
  • Opening an Existing Database
    • Opening a Database through the Launch Center
    • Managing Favorite Databases