Chapter 4: Working with Records

Chapter 4 continues to explore the user interface; covering the user-perspective of how to work with records in a FileMaker database.

The material in this chapter is organized into the following sections:

  • Entering Data
    • Opening a Record
    • Understanding Field Focus
    • Moving to Another Field with Tab Order
    • Modifying Field Contents
    • Formatting Field Contents
    • Closing a Record
  • Managing Records
    • Creating a New Record
    • Deleting a Record
    • Deleting all Records
    • Duplicating a Record
  • Searching for Records
    • Performing Fast Searches
    • Using Find Mode
  • Working with Found Sets
    • Defining a Found Set
    • Changing the Records in the Found Set
    • Sorting Records in the Found Set
    • Modifying Field Values for Records in the Found Set
    • Find and Replace
    • Spell Checking
  • Printing
    • Page Setup
    • Using Preview Mode
    • Bring Dialog Options