Chapter 6: Working with Database Files

Chapter 6 begins to explore the process of developing a database with a quick overview of creating and configuring a new database file to serve as a sandbox, details on maintaining healthy files and how to specify file paths throughout the development environment.

The material in this chapter is organized into the following sections:

  • Creating a New Database File
  • Configuring a Sandbox Table
    • Changing the Default Table Name
    • Creating Data Entry Fields
    • Creating a Calculation Fields
    • Creating a Summary Field
    • Setting Up Layouts
  • Database File Options
    • Open Settings
    • Icon Settings
    • Spelling Settings
    • Text Settings
    • Script Trigger Settings
  • Maintaining Healthy Files
    • Database Maintenance Functions
    • Avoiding Design & Training Deficiencies
    • Restraining File Size
    • Understanding File Damage
  • Specifying File Paths
    • Formatting Paths
    • Building Dynamic Paths