Chapter 8: Defining Fields

Chapter 8 continues exploring database development with a focus on fields; the different types of fields that make up a table and how to define, manage and configure them.

The material in this chapter is organized into the following sections:

  • Defining Field Data Types
    • Entry Fields
    • Display Fields
  • Exploring Field Content Types
  • Introducing the Manage Database Dialog (Fields)
  • Naming Fields
    • Highlighting the Visibility of Field Names
  • Defining Standard Fields
    • Ideas for Standard Fields
    • Naming Standards for Fields
  • Managing Fields
    • Selecting Fields
    • Adding Fields
    • Modifying a Field Name
    • Modifying a Field Type
    • Deleting Fields
  • Setting Field Options
    • Options for Entry Fields
    • Options for Display Fields
  • Expanding the Learn FileMaker Object Model
    • Defining Standard Fields
    • Defining Custom Fields