Chapter 9: Connecting Tables with Relationships

Chapter 8 continues exploring database development with a focus on relationships; data sources, table occurrences and interconnecting tables into relationships.

The material in this chapter is organized into the following sections:

  • Introducing Relationships
    • Defining Relationships
    • Defining Uses for Relationships
    • Defining connection Types
    • Organizing Relationships
    • Planning the Learn FileMaker Relational Object Model
  • Managing Data Sources
    • Introducing the Manage External Data Sources Window
    • Exploring the Edit Data Source Dialog
  • Introducing the Manage Database Dialog (Relationships)
  • Working with Table Occurrences
    • Selecting Table Occurrences
    • Interacting with Table Occurrences
    • Arranging Table Occurrences
    • View Options
    • Formatting Tabel Occurrences
    • Editing Table Occurrences
    • Deleting Occurrences
    • Printing the Relationship Graph
  • Building Relationships
    • Adding Relationships
    • Manipulating Relationships
  • Adding Notes to the Graph
  • Organizing the Learn FileMaker Object Model