Chapter 26: Introducing ExecuteSQL

Chapter 26 explores the ExecuteSQL function allows you to perform SQL queries against FileMaker tables from any calculation formula within a FileMaker database.

The material in this chapter is organized into the following sections:

  • Defining the ExecuteSQL Function
    • How the ExecuteSQL Function Works
  • Creating SQL Queries
    • Defining SELECT Statements
    • Using the SELECT Statements
    • Inserting Literal Text in the Field List
    • Concatenating Results
    • Using the WHERE Clause
    • Using the ORDER BY Clause
    • Using the JOIN Clause
    • Using the GROUP BY Clause
    • Using the UNION Clause
    • Limiting the Results of a Query
  • Accessing the Database Schema
    • Selecting FileMaker_Tables
    • Selecting FileMaker_Fields
  • Exploring Other SQL Features