FileMaker Pro 16.0.2 Update Released

FileMaker releases update for FileMaker Pro version 16.0.2.

July 13, 2017 — Today, FileMaker pushed out an update to product line, releasing updates for FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Server.

The new version of the desktop applications contain the following changes (from the release notes):

Script steps and functions

Addressed the following issues:

  • After the Go to Object script step was performed on an empty portal that did not allow the creation of records, the focus was not placed on the portal and the script step returned the error code 101 (“Record is missing”).
  • Opening a record and then closing the record without modifying it increased the internal record modification count returned by the Get(RecordModificationCount) function.
  • The CryptAuthCode function returned incorrect results for encoded text inputs.
  • The JSONGetElement function returned JSONBoolean and JSONNumber results as text instead of a number.
  • The JSONGetElement and JSONListValues functions returned the incorrect decimal separator for comma-based system locales.
  • External script steps evaluated calculated values for repetitions incorrectly.
  • The Set Variable script step did not set very large repetition values correctly.
  • Improved the performance of the SortValues and UniqueValues functions.


Addressed the following issues:

  • Under certain conditions, ESS-based tables displayed incorrect records.
  • Windows: Dragging a PNG image between container fields did not work correctly.
  • macOS: The Script Debugger, when stepping through a script, reset the scrolling position and displayed the active script step at the bottom of the display area.

Documentation errata

  • The FileMaker Pro Help “Configure Region Monitor Script” script step topic states that the Radius parameter returns a value in kilometers. This is incorrect; the value is returned in meters.

APIs, technologies, or features to be deprecated

As FileMaker Pro evolves, the list of supported technologies, APIs, and features will change. As part of this evolution, certain operating systems versions, hardware, and features may be deprecated in favor of newer ones. Although deprecation does not mean the immediate deletion of an item, you should migrate your solution away from deprecated technologies, because these technologies may be removed in a future version of the product.

For the latest information about deprecated APIs, technologies, and features, search the FileMaker Knowledge Base. For information about new, changed, and removed features, see the most up-to-date version of FileMaker Pro Help, available on the FileMaker website.

The 16.0.2 update can be downloaded from FileMaker’s support website:


FileMaker Server has also been updated to version 16.0.2. For more information, click here.

FileMaker Pro is a relational data management system published by Apple subsidiary FileMaker Inc. Since its origin, the product has expanded into a full family of applications and has evolved to keep pace with powerful technological standards. The current incarnation is a powerful, feature-rich and easy-to-use integrated development tool, available in fifteen different languages. FileMaker databases can be shared across a network allowing teams using macOS, iOS, Windows or the web to work together.

FileMaker is popular with millions of developers and users, including independent consultants, employees of small businesses and members of teams working at medium to large businesses, non-profits and government agencies. Beginners are empowered by the ease of use and approachable interface. Professionals are won over by its rapid development capabilities for prototyping and the ability to build powerful user-friendly solutions. Business owners who don’t have time to learn to program can easily find a professional consultant to develop a system tailored to meet their individual needs.

For more information about the FileMaker Pro product line, visit Filemaker’s site.