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Comments from Readers

The book is a model of clarity, a quality it encourages developers of all levels to pursue in their schema, scripts and user interfaces.
Walker Stevenson, Reviewer
Just weeks after the technical review, I found myself actually using the book as a reference and memory refresher.
Brian Sanchez, Technical Editor
I just got my copy. What an extraordinary gift to the community. My ‘bricks and mortar’ library dates back to ‘Filemaker Pro 3 Bible’ (Steven Schwartz) and ‘Scriptology’ (Matt Petrowsky and John Mark Osborne). This is the most astonishingly comprehensive volume yet! What an achievement!
Stephen Wonfor
I specially like the way in which book is organised and I think I will be falling in love with Part III: Writing Formulas and Using Functions where ALL of the functions are listed and explained. It looks like Mark really managed to reference everything that FM 16 has to give and there is a great looking Index at the end, so definitely a very useful book to have. Thank you, great effort and great result.
Milan Mujovic


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