About The Author

Mark Munro is an author, software developer and entrepreneur. A 1988 introduction to FileMaker led Mark to pursue a career as a developer. Soon after, he was using AppleScript and FileMaker for information management and process automation. In 1994, Mark founded Write Track Media, a computer consultancy to develop custom database and workflow automation solutions for clients. Today, Mark continues in that mission, using AppleScript and FileMaker Pro in combination with other tools and technologies to build time-saving systems for a diverse list of clients. By fully understanding the virtue of using technology to free humans from repetitive computer tasks so they can pursue a higher level of productivity, Mark’s passion for the work is unwavering. Mark is the author of AppleScript: Developer Reference (2010, Wiley) and Learn FileMaker Pro 16 (2017, Apress).

Mark Munro


About The Technical Editor

Brian Sanchez is a FileMaker developer, a consultant with wide experience, and a founding member of aACE Software. Brian’s experience is wide-reaching. For nearly 20 years, he has designed and implemented custom apps for inventory tracking, digital catalogs built with FileMaker Go, plus asset management and pricing tools. His clients range from catering businesses to TV casting agencies to European vacationing services. Brian holds multiple FileMaker certifications. His development philosophy is to build systems with such integrity in the code and architecture that the client never needs to call again—unless they’re looking to upgrade the solution. Brian is the technical editor of Learn FileMaker Pro 16 (2017, Apress).

Brian Sanchez

Technical Editor
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